Tips from our resident scouts.





1. Email Address: Best if it contains your name and if possible your graduation year.

2. Subj Heading of Email:  Your Name & Year of Graduation 

3. Be Personal: Address the coach (do not mass email coaches) 

4. Be Concise/Short: College coaches receive a lot of emails.  Get to the point quickly. 

5. Compliment & Show Interest:  Let the coach know you know something about her/his school/program. 

6. Introduce Yourself:  Your Name, Year of Graduation, GPA/Test Scores

7. Your Why:  Why are your interested in this school.  Acadmic program?  Soccer program? Location? Type of School?  What do you plan to study/major in? 

8. Your Club Credentials:  Jersey #, Club Coach Reference (contact info for club coach), Schedule, League 

9. Action Plan:  Let coach know you'll be "back in touch" with your revised schedule.  Provide a "reason to contact" the coach again.

10. Be Persistent:  Email a coach on 7-10 day intervals attempting to get a response and engage the coach.  Copy the assistant coaching staff as well. 

11. Email #2:  Be brief.  Follow up with your schedule and continued interest.  Ask a new question:  When is your next ID Camp?  Will you be hosting any visits this semester?  

12. Highlight Video:  If you have a highlight video of 2-4 minutes include this.  Try to keep highlights to under 4 minutes.  Have a longer highlight video ready if asked.   And have a half of a game ready.  Be sure you IDENTIFY yourself in the videos (either with technology, subtitles, or by providing info, i.e. Jersey #, Uniform Color, when you enter and exit the match, identifiers (red shoes, blue pony tail, position).